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Hello there, friends!  Welcome to “Life uncomplicated” and our FIRST official post!! I’m so freaking excited to be sharing this blog with you and helping you fill in those nooks and crannies of your life with healthy habits.  Before we get started, let me introduce myself.  I’m Alayne (think Elaine, with an A).  I’m 36 years old (wait.  what?  when did I get to be so damn old?) and balancing a life that is busier than I ever imagined.  I work the daily grind like the rest of you, run a small business, am married with 2 cats, run half marathons (I’m only half crazy!), and still have to find the time to cook, workout, have fun, and live a healthy lifestyle.  We are all juggling multiple responsibilities and that’s why it’s SO FREAKING IMPORTANT that we’re efficient in how we plan and use our time.

So what is this blog about?  It’s about making the most efficient use of your time to learn and incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle.  You have a responsibility to yourself and your families to take care of yourself.  If you just cringed at that statement, hear me out.  I know that when I’m not taking care of myself, I tend to be a HOT MESS and create unnecessary drama in my life, so I’ve made self care a priority.  A priority, not an obsession.  I do not spend hours in the gym, I do not plan elaborate meals, I do not constantly read self help books, or anything of that nature.  I spend 1 hour a day taking care of me, and that has made all the difference (Robert Frost fans rejoice).

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a LAZY A$$.  Yes, I have a busy life, but if you give me the choice of going and doing a quick workout or sitting on the couch staring at my FB feed, there’s no question which one I would pick.  It’s tweaking those little “time suck” moments so they’re actually working for you, and not against you.  I understand that it’s hard to become and stay motivated, but heck, if I can do it, I think you can, too. 🙂

This is NO PLACE for perfection.  I gave up on being perfect a long time ago (but damn do I still have that nagging wish to be) and none of these tweaks are going to get you that perfect body, perfect life, perfect anything really.  What they will give you is that whole “mind, body, energy, and spirit” thing we all strive for. Not to be cliché, but living a healthy lifestyle involves all of these things, and the healthier you think and feel, the better your life will become.  It’s not about being perfect, it’s about taking action and taking care of yourself so that you can be the best version of you.  Whoever that person is.  Progress not perfection, always.






I’m really excited to build this community and connect with you all.  Please, say hello in a comment, message me and tell me your story, tell me what you’re struggling with.  I can’t promise that I’ll have a solution for you, but I can lend and ear and offer support.

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